Young Adults

Who counts as a “young adult”?  We are pretty forgiving here: anyone 18–40ish, single or married, with or without kids.  After all, the intent of Christ Memorial’s “young adult” groups is not age-segregation but rather a purposeful invitation for engagement.  Young adults are certainly welcome and encouraged to participate in any “adult” classes or groups offered at CMC, but the following options are included specifically to make room for this age segment.  All young adults are not only welcomed but encouraged to join the serving teams throughout the church as passion and gifts align, and finding friendship in those serving teams.


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Are you looking for a community of people to do life with as you

grow in thinking, loving, serving, and living like Jesus?

Contact our Connections Coordinator Lynn White

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The Colossian Way: Christian Practices for Polarized Times

Sunday evenings, 6-7:30pm

Meets September 15 - November 17

Facilitators: Elissa Lappenga & Jen Prince

Topic: Human Sexuality


The Colossian Way is a small-group experience built on our hope in Jesus Christ who holds all things together (Colossians 1:17). Our hope is that as His people we can learn to actually behave like Him even while engaging and discussing  “hot topic” issues together. We do this in the hope that, when done in faithful ways, we will witness the body of Christ built up. This experience is not intended to “solve” a specific issue once and for all, but rather to build a capacity for working on important questions in a way that reflects faithful obedience to Christ. This is a ten-week commitment to a group of about 10-12 people eager to learn and grow together guided by God’s Word andSpirit. We have trained leaders, excellent materials, and engaging videos. For more information visit:


for Women

Apples of Gold

Thursday evenings, 6-9pm

Meets October 3 - November 7

Contact:  Mary Deur

Meets off-site


Apples of Gold is more than a cooking class and more than a women’s Bible study. As we meet weekly, women mentor younger women through:


1. Cooking demonstrations and the sharing of a meal


2. Encouragement to be the woman God                

    created you to be


3. Topical Bible studies based on Titus 2:3-5


Join other women in the Apples of Gold experience and you will be blessed as you grow together in your love for  God, your family, and others.


Contact Mary at for more information.  Contact Lori at or 796-3361 to register. 


Mentoring pairs meet for six months

Coordinators: Kathy Moerland & Sue Smith

Discover the joy and power of sharing your life with another woman in a one-on-one special kind of friendship.  Tandem Ministry matches women who have walked with the Lord for a long time with women who sense the need for a more experienced Christian woman to encourage them.


If you have followed Jesus for a number of years and have learned how to trust Him, please consider becoming a Tandem mentor.  If you have been a believer in Christ a short time, are in a difficult season of your life, or simply desire a more mature Christian woman to walk alongside of you, join Tandem as a mentee.


Tandem twosomes meet weekly or bi-weekly for six months. They might do a Bible study, read a book together, meet for coffee, go to lunch or walk and talk.  These meetings, always confidential, can be flexible as best meets the needs of the mentee.


Be blessed by experiencing first-hand what God can do through mentoring! Sign up by contacting Lori at 796-3361 or