Kardelen Mercy Team Ministry - Turkey

     Kardelen Mercy Teams Ministry (KMT) has an extraordinary opportunity to touch the lives of children with disabilities in Turkey right in their homes.  We assist in their physical, emotional, and spiritual care.  Our team of Turkish staff and volunteers, provides physical therapy and mobility for disabled children and training of family members so they are equipped to provide some or all of the essential care for their own children.


     In addition to serving Turkish children with disabilities in their homes, we also serve refugee children and their families through the Streams of Mercy Center in Ankara.  Thousands of refugees have fled to Turkey in recent years and families who have brought children with disabilities across the border are in desperate need of food, housing, winter resources and love. KMT provides for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of these families and their children.


     It is in part through Christ Memorial’s partnership with Kardelen Mercy Teams that we can ensure these children and their families experience the love of Christ in their everyday lives.

International Needs - Turkey



Empowering the poor and marginalized in order to restore their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual identity.



To utilize Christian camps, seminars, church planters, trainings, and refugee ministries to share the transforming truth and love of God.



   -Promoting Gods word faithfully

   -Christ-like servanthood

   -Serving the local Church

   -Provide an environment for spiritual growth

   -Promote the refreshing enjoyment of life in Christ