Support Groups

Contact Allie Fennema at 796-3367 or

for more information on our support groups

​Dementia Caregiver Support Group  

Contact: Melissa Langworthy, CMC Parish Nurse 

Facilitator: Alyssa Langejans, Evergreen Commons, Caregiver Support Coordinator 


Due to the pandemic, the Dementia Caregiver Support group will not be meeting January - April 2021. Instead, we are providing an alternative option of mailings* each month related to the following topics:


  • January:  Practical ways  to cope with caregiver burnout and stress as well as, helpful ways to get through the winter months


  • February: How to re-integrate into social activities safely with our loved one.  How to stay safe and sane throughout this COVID season. How to look into in-home help and the differences between Palliative and Hospice Care.


  • March: Dementia 101 - What is dementia, how does it affect the brain, how does it affect a person caring for someone? 


  • April: Grief as a journey - with caregiving it isn’t something that just starts once the journey ends, but often it is experienced throughout.  What is “Ambiguous Loss” and how does that affect caring for someone with dementia?


 * If you wish to receive these monthly mailings, please contact Melissa at or 796-3346.


During this time frame, we are also offering the opportunity for individuals with specific concerns  or needs to connect one-on-one with an Evergreen Commons Dementia Support Specialist. If you would like to be connected with  a specialist for a one-on-one session, please email or call Melissa Langworthy using the contact information listed above.  Melissa will connect you with an Evergreen Commons Dementia Support Specialist.  


Facilitators:  Barb Reilly and Diane Smith

Have you experienced the loss of someone close to you, and are you walking the lonely road of grief? Please join us! In this group you’ll find a warm and caring environment offering you support and encouragement as you journey through your grief.  You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. Contact Allie at 796-3367 or with questions.

Gift of Hope

Meets year-round, monthly, on the Second and Fourth Mondays, 6-7:30pm

This group will resume meeting in person on Monday, May 10

Contact:  Pastor Carole Aardsma

Green Room just inside Door D

If you, a family member or friend experiences mental illness, you are invited to be part of this mental health support group. This Bible-based group is founded on I Peter 1:3 and Philippians 2:1-2. Personal sharing and group encouragement along with speakers offer the gift of hope. As a means of support and encouragement a number of speakers have been lined up to come and talk with the group.  The Gift of Hope May - December 2021 Speaker Schedule is as follows:

  • May 10                  Melissa Langworthy - Good Mental Health Habits 2021

  • May 24                  Jeff Elhart - BE NICE.

  • June 14                 Jane Anderson - Anxiety & Depression

  • June 28             

  • July 12                   Jane Anderson - Developing Resiliency

  • July 26 

  • August 9                Jane Anderson - Managing My Emotions

  • August 23          

  • September 13       Cheryl Cnossen, MSW - There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • September 27       Cheryl Cnossen, MSW - There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • October 11            Cheryl Cnossen, MSW - There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • October 25            Cheryl Cnossen, MSW - There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • November 8          Cheryl Cnossen, MSW - There's a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • November 22    

  • December 13        Christmas Gathering

  • December 27        No meeting on this date

The care team at Christ Memorial continues to provide pastoral support for people living with mental illness, their families, and their friends. If you have questions about the Gift of Hope group and/or plan to attend, contact Pastor Carole Aardsma at or 796-3355. For your benefit the Christ Memorial website also provides a comprehensive list of area mental health contacts and resources HERE. 


​Healing Hearts - The Hem of His Garment

Facilitator:  Mary Lorence


Healing Hearts is a group study that provides a safe place where women can openly share their pain with other women without fear of judgement or condemnation. It is a study of God’s Word that helps bring about healing for women who have suffered loss, sexual abuse, divorce, rape, and other trauma. This group is small, consisting of four to five participants and two counselors. The smaller group size allows quality time for each person and their individual needs. If you would like to be part of this group study, contact Mary Lorence at or 836-4098 with questions. 


Narcotics Anonymous

Monthly, Third Friday, 7-8:30pm 

Meets year-round - Due to the pandemic, meeting plans will be decided month-to-month.

Contact:  Lynn White

Green Room, just inside Entrance D


Whether you are struggling with an addiction or you know someone who does, you are welcome to come to our Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Open Meeting the third Friday of every month.  There is hope and another way to live! NA provides an  opportunity to listen and learn from the stories of those who are living into their recovery through the 12 steps as they express themselves at our meeting and other meetings in our community. Come and benefit from the support this group offers as we daily seek to embrace sobriety.  Contact Brandi at 218-6643 or Lynn at with questions.



P.A.U.L. (Prisoners, Abandoned, Unloved and Lonely)

Support Group for Families with Incarcerated Loved Ones

Thursday evenings, 6-7:30pm

Due to the pandemic this group is not currently meeting, letter writing continues and sponsors are always appreciated!

Normally meets every other week

Contact facilitators for exact dates

Facilitator: Ana Cabrera

We cannot control the words and actions of others, but we can control where we turn for comfort and support. We help with letter writing and support so that people can continue to see their loved one in prison. All are welcome to help to support these families.  If you would like to become a prisoner pen pal, sponsor a prisoner or if you have questions about the PAUL support group, contact Ana Cabrera at 212-6572 or