Sanctuary Remodel 2022
& Equipment Update

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Our vision, Outfitting the Church to Influence the World,

is driving how we make decisions. We want to use the resources the Lord provides to create an environment that helps us draw people closer to Christ. This is an opportunity to improve how we deliver the message of hope and love to which Jesus has called us. 

Join us in this exciting new endeavor!


Christ Memorial Church built our current sanctuary in 1990. It is a beautiful, functional, space that allowed our church to grow, and it served as a visual reminder to the community that we have room for them. 

But time has taken its toll. The current audio, visual and lighting is near dilapidation.

We have been exploring updates for several years.

Evaluating our equipment also prompted us to review what is needed in our sanctuary to properly present the gospel to our congregation and to those who will become our members.


The lead elders created a sanctuary remodel team to explore options and costs. Several ideas were considered, and the best and most effective ideas were consolidated.

This plan, with an estimated price tag of $1.5 million, plan received overwhelming approval at our June congregational meeting. 

The proposed changes will bless our current congregation. But perhaps more importantly, they will enhance our ability to attract our neighbors and the community to attend worship and use our facility for other
functions, such as concerts and school


Upgraded audio, visual and lighting. This will improve the in-person experience in the sanctuary and the Gathering Place as well as online. (Over the past 18 months, we have made several updates in the chapel for the Dwell service, which will also benefit from this project.) 

More effective stage. This area will be larger, all at one level, and more accessible. 

Refreshed sanctuary. We’ll add a cross, move the screens away from the windows, update the flooring, replace pew pads and add more space for wheelchairs.

Improved choir loft. The choir loft will remain in its present location, but it will be reconfigured for easier access, more storage and better performing space for our orchestra and bells.


Please prayerfully consider making a one-time capital gift or a two-year pledge to help fund this project. A tithe of funds raised will be used by the deacons for ministry in our local neighborhood.  

Or complete a pledge form (available at the welcome kiosk)

and submit it to the church office.