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Women's Prayer Groups

Women Praying on Mondays

Monday mornings, 10-11am

Facilitator: Lynn White

For in-person meeting location or online Zoom Meeting code, contact Lynn at lynnw@christmemorial.org


Women, you are invited to grow in your relationship with God through prayer. Please come and join us as we gather together virtually to pray, share, and care for each other. Each time begins with a brief reflection on prayer and then the majority of the time is spent simply praying together. Participate as often as you can!

Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org or 796-3361 for more information.


Women of the Word (WOW)


40 Verses to Ignite Your Faith

Wednesday Morning WOW - VanWyk

Wednesday mornings, 9-11am

Winter Study meeting January 13-February 3 (My One Word)

Winter study meeting February 10-March 31 (When Changing Nothing Changes Everything)

Facilitator:  Cindy VanWyk

Contact / Coordinator:  Linda Woldring

Meeting simultaneously in-person (Room 167) and as a virtual group via Zoom


January 13-February 3:  We will begin our new year with a study of the book, My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen. In addition to reading and discussing the book, our study will include the use of the My One Word 4-week DVD. The concept of My One Word is simple. Lose the long list of resolutions and focus on just one word that represents your hope for what God will do in you to strengthen your character. A single word can have greater life changing impact than resolutions that fizzle out and lists that often go undone. So lose the list and embrace profound, lasting change. We are focusing on My One Word in conjunction with other groups and attendees in the Christ Memorial family as part of the church-wide study.


February 10-March 31: When Changing Nothing Changes Everything: The Power of Reframing Your Life by Laurie Polich Short. It’s a revolutionary idea - change nothing around you and change everything about your life. Change nothing, but see differently. Jesus says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22) With the help of four different spiritual lenses, Laurie shows how  the way you see can have an impact on how you live. By putting on the right spiritual lens you can reframe whatever comes your way, embrace both the good and the bad, and recognize that the detail of your life is fully in God’s sovereign hand.


As part of the Wednesday Morning WOW program, this group, with an average of 15 women, always warmly welcomes new participants. Both winter studies will include video-based presentations with at home personal study or reading time. As a group they watch the DVD, share  thoughts and impressions of the teaching, and discuss insights and questions from their personal readings / studies. You will find the women in this group to be intentional in creating a warm and welcoming space of genuine love and care as they confidentially share, pray for, and encourage each other. Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org with questions.


Wednesday Morning WOW

Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11am

Winter Session: Meets January 13-March 24

Contacts:  Marylin Bright or Lori Baker

Multiple rooms in Christ Memorial’s Adult Wing or virtual groups via Zoom


This is a delightful group of women who love to study, seeking personal transformation and growth in their walk with God. This winter the group will be using the study guide, Jeremiah – Daring to Hope in an Unstable World by Melissa Spoelstra. In the Book of Jeremiah, we find God calling out to His people with a message of hope - a message that intentional living is possible even in an unstable world. In this study we’ll examine God's words of instruction to His people through the prophet Jeremiah, and we’ll explore six guidelines for intentional living designed to help us overcome fear, worry, and doubt as we surrender our will to God's and put our hope in Him alone. The study combines an understanding of the book of Jeremiah with practical life applications in the realities and experiences of today’s women. Women of all ages are invited to join this study. Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org with questions.

Wednesday Night WOW

Winter / Spring Sessions Cancelled

Normally meets on Wednesday nights

Facilitators:  Kristi Scheneman and Jacki VanHuis


Wednesday Night WOW is a group of approximately 8 to 12 women who gather on a weekly basis for study and discussion. Weeks together typically alternate between watching and discussing a video-based session in the choice of study one week. Followed by a group discussion of insights, questions, and ah-ha moments that arose out of time spent at home between sessions engaging God through the Bible study guide associated with this study. Due to the pandemic, Wednesday Night WOW will not be meeting during the winter / spring sessions.

Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen?

Wednesday Afternoon WOW

Wednesday afternoons, 1-3pm

Winter Session begins January 13

Contact:  Cindi Lampen

Room 164 in the Adult Wing


Wednesday Afternoon WOW will be continuing in their study and discussion of Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen?, a video-based study by Kay Arthur. You never dreamed it would happen to you. You cry for help . . . . but God doesn't seem to hear. Why? Chaos, tragedies, broken relationships - how could a God who is all-powerful, all-wise, and all-loving allow these things? And what about the wars, disasters, and plagues tearing the world apart? If God really is who He says He is, how can He let these things happen? Why doesn't He do something? In Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen? Kay Arthur explores answers through the book of Habakkuk, helping participants to know God, understand Him, and love Him more fully. Women are invited to join this prayer, study, and discussion small group. Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org with questions.


Women’s Book Club

Monthly, Third Thursday, 6:30-8pm

Meets year-round

Contact:  Janet Rodriguez

Virtual group via Zoom


A good Christian non-fiction book to read and new friends to discuss the book with - does that sound like an inviting way to spend some time?  Then join Christ Memorial’s Women’s Christian Nonfiction Book Club!  For December instead of reading a nonfiction book, this group will be reading an allegory - Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.  Written in the tradition of Pilgrim’s Progress, journey with Much-Afraid and her companions Sorrow and Suffering as they follow the Shepherd through dangers, toils, and snares to the high places of God's love.  

Interested participants are encouraged to order or download a copy of the book from their favorite online book seller allowing yourself time to read the book prior to the next book club “Zoom gathering” on Thursday, December 17, 6:30–8pm. In our time together participants will have opportunity to informally share reactions, thoughts, life applications and wonderings that arose out of their reading of the book. Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org or Janet Rodriguez with questions or to sign up.


Agape Circle

Monthly, Second Tuesday, 7-9pm 

Begins January 12 (tentative)


Coordinators:  Kathy Lubbers, Jan Rutgers and Kathy VanDerHulst

​Room 166 in the Adult Wing


Agape Circle will be reading and discussing Liz Curtis Higgs’ Bad Girls of the Bible - And What We Can Learn from Them. Liz brings to life ancient stories and unforgettably reveals how timeless truths of the Bible apply to today's woman.  Eve had food issues. Potiphar’s Wife and Delilah had man trouble. Lot’s Wife and Michal couldn’t let go of the past, Sapphira couldn’t let go of money, and Jezebel couldn’t let go of anything. Yet the Woman at the Well had her thirst quenched at last, while Rahab and the Sinful Woman left their sordid histories behind. Let these “bad girls” show you why studying the Bible has never been more fun! This study is both biblical and conversational. Contact Lori at lorib@christmemorial.org with questions. Due to the pandemic, this group may not meet during the winter session.


Faithfulness Circle

Monthly, Third Thursday, 9:30-11am

Begins January 21 (tentative)


Coordinators:  Millie Snyder and Wilma Winkels

Teacher:  Tam Velderman


“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful” Psalm 1:1. 


“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD” Psalm 150:6.


Those are the first and the last verses of the Book of Psalms, and in between are words of worship and praise, of repentance, and of thankfulness that portray the span of attitude and emotion that the various authors: David, Solomon, Moses and others, wanted to convey through the words of these much-loved and often-memorized poems divided into five sections. We’ll take a look at selected Psalms, and also at the songs we now sing that encompass their words. From Psalm 1 - Psalter Hymnal #1 (1912) that we might have learned in our early elementary days, to Psalm 23 - “Gentle Shepherd” by Bill and Gloria Gaither (1974), we’ll open our Bibles and also the hymnals as we review and learn anew the familiar words. Join us in January 2021 for Psalms & Songs ~ Petitions & Praise. Due to the pandemic, Faithfulness Circle may not be meeting during the winter session.


Freedom Village Circle

Winter / Spring Sessions Cancelled

Normally meets monthly, Third Thursday (afternoon)


Facilitator:  Karen Watson


This small group of women meets monthly at Freedom Village for fellowship, prayer, and biblically–focused discussion. The group typically reads a chapter a month in a book that explores Bible stories and how they speak into life today. Due to the pandemic, Freedom Village Circle will not be meeting during the winter / spring sessions.

Women's Prayer Groups

Women Praying on Mondays

Monday mornings, 10-11am

Facilitator:  Lynn White

Chapel, just inside Entrance E or virtual group via Zoom


Women, you are invited to grow in your relationship with God through prayer. Please come and join us as we gather together to pray, share, and care for each other. Each time begins with a brief reflection on prayer and then most of the time is spent simply praying together. Attend when you can! Contact Lynn at lynnw@christmemorial.org with questions.


Moms / Grandmothers in Prayer

Tuesday mornings, 10-11am

Facilitator:  Linda Aalderink

Virtual group via Zoom


God's power is unleashed through our prayers! We live in a culture that seeks to blind our children to the reality of God's love for them. Praying with other moms for our children and schools breaks through these barriers, impacting them for Christ. Start or find a local Moms in Prayer group by calling/texting Linda Aalderink at 836-9256.


Moms in Prayer for Holland High School

Tuesday mornings, 11am-Noon

Facilitator:  Sandy VanRavenswaay

Virtul group via Zoom


Families and entire communities are transformed when moms gather to pray to the only One who  can change a human heart. Your time spent in prayer will have a profound impact on your children and their schools, from preschool to young adult. Need more information? Call/text Linda Aalderink at 836-9256.

Women Praying on Wednesdays

Wednesday nights, 6-7pm

Contact: Barb Kiekintveld or Lynn White

Virtual group via Zoom


This prayer group is learning and growing together, relying on the Holy Spirit to lead and empower us as we seek God in prayer. We spend time each week in adoration and praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. We pray specifically for Christ Memorial Church, the needs of individuals in our church family, and the needs of our own families and others.  We also pray for our nation and world.


Beginning in January, we will be part of the church-wide study reading the book, My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen - although we will still be spending most of our time in prayer. Following that we will select another book that encourages us in prayer. We welcome any woman, even if you don’t have much experience praying in groups. We would love to have you join us! Contact Lynn at lynnw@christmemorial.org with questions.







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