3Sixty Ministry


Connecting neighbors:

Getting to know your neighbors is hard. Pew Research found that 28% of Americans do not know any neighbors by name and 29% know only some neighbors by name. 3sixty supports residents to host events, like block parties and cleanup projects, which introduce neighbors over the place they have in common. By connecting neighbors, 3sixty believes more Eastcore residents will contribute to making this a better place for everyone.

Sharing resources:

3sixty believes that our neighborhood is full of assets that we can use to address the problems we see. When neighbors connect, they begin to care for each other using their unique gifts and resources. We also believe that sometimes you need new resources to make the most of what you already have. Over the years, 3sixty has created new resources (like our Tool Lending Library and 3sixty Hub community center) to meet needs identified by neighbors.

Building community:

We all want to love where we live, but can’t do the work alone. 3sixty believes that sustainable neighborhood improvements will only happen if Eastcore residents take ownership of restoring our community. 3sixty supports the resident leaders and congregations in Eastcore to improve where we live as neighbors and as brothers and sisters in Christ.

3Sixty Website

I would like more information about becoming involved with this ministry:  Email Deanna Oonk, Christ Memorial Church Ministry Coordinator