Reliant Mission -Serving as H2O Church on the campus of Western Michigan University (WMU)

Our mission is to help college students become lifelong disciples of Christ. There are over 24,000 at WMU, very few of whom know the Lord. It is our mission to meet them, befriend them, share the good news of Jesus Christ with them, and invite them into our community. Another key element of our ministry is helping "believing" students get connected with the local church. There is a large amount of atrophy among college-age believers and we strive to reverse that trend by helping students who come to college from a Christian background connect with the local church so they can continue to grow in their faith during their college years.


We seek to be a vibrant, multiplying church who lives out  the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission.

We unpack that statement like this: Seek to be – this in an ongoing process not an arrived at destination. Vibrant – Christ alive in us Multiplying – Christ alive in others church who – the church is a group of people lives out – actively  The Greatest Commandment – Matthew 22:36-40

Young Life College at WMU 


The vision of Young Life is that every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him. Our mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. We accomplish this mission by: praying for young people, going where students are, building personal relationships, winning the right to be heard, providing experiences that are fun and by sharing our lives and the good news of Jesus Christ with students. Young Life College focuses these strategies to reach college students, build them up and send them out at campuses across the country.