Mission Statement: In joyful obedience to God, we will seek and search for responsible Christian Africans to equip and enable them. They in turn will seek and search for other Africans so that they too can equip and enable them to be His disciples.


Vision Statement:  To spread the gospel by the indigenous people of Africa.

Our goal is to help people with education, prayer, and encouragement to better themselves and then to be in a position to turn around and help their people in return.  That help is in the form of physically being able to live a better life and to know God.  We start it but they carry on.

Kenya – Churo School

Our goal is to assist the indigenous people with education, prayer and encouragement.  They are then in a position to help their fellow people.  That help consists of a Christian education so that they may better their lives and walk with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  We help build the foundation, they carry on.