Exciting Changes in Children's Ministries!

Along with the fun summer activities (Book Walk and Family Faith Beach Buckets), the Childrens Ministries Team has been updating the Care Center, making plans for a Family Resource area, and creating a Worship Center for the children’s Sunday morning "Worship and Wonder." These changes will help create an environment where children and their families can discover God’s truths throughout the week.    

There will also be some exciting changes to the Wednesday night schedule this fall.  For this upcoming programming year, instead of meeting weekly, they will be focusing on a monthly family/community gathering such as a Harvest Party and Prayer Experience.   

If you would like to learn more or find ways to get involved, they would love to hear from you.  Contact Richie Venhuizen at 616-796-3345 (richiev@christmemorial.org) or Shelley Henning (shelleyh@christmemorial.org).  You can also find them on Sunday mornings at the check-in desk in the Childrens Ministries area or at the "Rock the Block" kiosk in the lobby.