Church Directory link

THE NEW CMC PICTORIAL DIRECTORY is in the works.   HERE is a link with instructions and a form to submit online.  FAQ:

We are not members but would like to be included in the directory, is that ok?

Yes. Everyone in our church family, those who attend here regularly, volunteer, or enjoy our programs and want to submit contact information are welcome!

How may I easily update my information online?

Please fill out the simple form here to update contact information and/or to upload a photo.

I don't know how to submit my information or my photo, or I don't know how to use the online upload.
Please contact either 

Laura Kleinheksel at 796-3395 (

or Peggy Ankerman at 796-3348 (

Should my spouse and I, or my family submit separate photos?
For our printed directory, one group photo for each family/couple is best.

 We hope to send out a proof to the congregation at the end of summer and give everyone a few weeks to submit any corrections or last-minute changes. Our goal is to have the printed directories available for purchase, and our free online directory completed in time for our fall program kickoff in September!

Will there be professional photography sessions available?
DeVries Photography of Zeeland is offering FREE portrait sessions. (They will submit your photo to CMC and if you want to purchase additional photos, that option is available but not required.) Please contact DeVries at (616) 772-6221 to set up an appointment.
(Alternatively, you may submit any photos you have for the directory.)

Will there be a cost for the printed directory?
At this time, the exact cost is undetermined.  It is likely that we will ask people to purchase the printed versions to help defray printing costs. Producing a quality color directory for large distribution can cost several thousand dollars.  If each person pays a small portion for their directory, the church will not have to use any general funds for this project.  The digital/online directory will be free and available to all.