While the Clínica Evangélica Morava has neither a formal mission nor a vision statement, the often repeated motto “To save lives, ease suffering and win souls for the Lamb”, is a faithful representation of both our vision and mission.  Our vision is founded on a central theme of both the Old and New Testaments and expressed most completely in the verses of Matthew 25 when Jesus told his followers to be concerned for the poor, the sick, the outcast and the marginalized.  Our mission is based on the conviction that as good stewards of the gifts God has given us, we must reach out to those individuals and populations that are living on the edges of the world´s cultures and who see little hope for a better future.  Our medical ministry gives people the hope that they can live the productive lives that God has for them.


Similarly, Alas de Socorro, an organization in the process of rebuilding, has neither mission nor vision statements.  Nevertheless, the activities of Alas de Socorro reflect a Christ-centered and biblically based ministry by.  Our mission is to preach the Good News (sharing the Word in prayer at the beginning of each flight, supporting evangelistic campaigns with flights), assist in healing the sick (by providing emergency transportation for patients to the hospital in Ahuas), and, supporting the Lord´s pastors, missionaries and other Christian ministers in traveling to those isolated villages.