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Due to the Covid 19 state-mandated restrictions, the Christ Memorial Church building  is temporarily closed to the public during office hours.  However, we are having "in person" worship services at a limited capacity by reservation.  Click here for details.  In addition, we will continue to offer live stream worship services as well as virtual prayer, Bible studies, meetings, and other events.  Please check out our e-news for service times, streaming links, updates,  and information to help you stay involved!  

Christ Memorial Church's Announcement for Re-opening-

a Message from Pastor David

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Beloved Christ Memorial Church Family, 


The wait for on-campus worship is almost over!  We are planning to have our first in-person, limited capacity worship services on Sunday, July 12.  Although we are very grateful for the technology to be able to worship remotely, we also know that many of us are eager to be together again “in person” for worship.


We don’t pull out Leviticus all that often, but when we do, you know it must be serious! Did you know there are two entire chapters in the Bible of God’s instructions to the Israelites about how to handle infectious diseases (Leviticus 13 & 14)? We aren’t planning on asking anyone to burn their clothes, shave their eyebrows, or walk around the building shouting, “Unclean! Unclean!” However, we are asking that if you have any signs or symptoms of illness that you “remain outside the camp.” God did this to stop the spread of disease among the people 3300 years ago, and while medical care has advanced exponentially, we honor the spirit of the text that reminds us to care for those around us responsibly with regards to health. (Don’t worry about offering the sacrifices outlined in Leviticus when you feel better…Jesus took care of that!) 


Out of highest regard for our congregation’s safety, we want to take every precaution as we make preparations for re-opening.  


As a part of these precautions, seats must be reserved in advance for you and your family.  Details and instructions can be found here.  Please read them thoroughly in order to avoid any “surprises” and to keep the morning as stress-free as possible for you and for others. Despite all of these changes, our purpose for gathering hasn't changed.  We gather to worship and to praise our Lord who has done marvelous things for us and within us.


We will be gathering at 9:00am and 10:30am for our worship services. (We have adjusted our service times for this summer season).  


We recognize that these changes may prompt a lot of questions for you so we have developed an FAQ on our website to address them.  


We look forward to seeing you on July 12!  


Pastor David




May 20, 2020

Dear Christ Memorial Congregation,

We have been studying what it is like to be a flock under the care of our Great Shepherd over the last few weeks. A good shepherd not only feeds and cares for the sheep, but also protects them from predators, poisonous plants, and sickness. As "under-shepherds," your pastors at CMC care for both your well-being and the health of our surrounding community. In looking at the days ahead, we will continue to do our best to nourish you spiritually through virtual worship and small groups, care for you through phone calls and other communications and protect both you and our greater community through the guidelines and steps below. As information comes in, these phased opening stages will adjust if need be. Thank you for your support, grace, and patience. We are in this together!

Pastor David VanOpstall

(If you have any questions please contact Peggy Ankerman at






Beloved Christ Memorial Family,  


A few weeks ago, I preached a sermon about re-digging the wells. The story comes from Genesis 26 and involves an interaction between a man of God, Isaac, and the community around him of Philistines. Isaac has been living for a while in the land of his ancestors, Beer Lahai Roi, and seems content to muddle around at home while his kids are at each others’ throats. The mission of God has been put on pause now that Abraham, Isaac’s father, has died.  


But then a famine happens in the land, and Isaac needs to take action. The logical step would be to go to Egypt because that’s what his father had done when there was a famine in his day. God tells him not to go, but instead to stay for God is with him in the midst of this. Isaac then plants crops and they produce a harvest 100 fold. He re-digs old wells, sources of water and life, and moves around a bit. There’s conflict with his neighbors, so he lets them have the wells and digs new ones. In the end, through all the chaos and conflict, God has been true to his word. He and his neighbors are friends and rely on one another. And his servants announce there is a new well (source of life!). 


Friends, at the time of this writing, the governor has banned gatherings of 50 people or more. Yesterday, the White House recommended we not gather in groups of even 10 or more. Schools, gyms, entertainment complexes are closed for a time and restaurants are restricted to deliver or take out only. There is a famine in the land. But I wholeheartedly believe God is with us. It’s time to plant some seeds. It’s time to dig up some old wells and drill down to discover new ones. 


Until at least April 5, the church building will be closed to the public. All of our on-campus classes, groups, and events are also suspended until this date. Some staff will likely still work in the office, though many will be working remotely from home. We will be regularly checking phone messages and emails, and ministry work will continue. Sunday services will still be available online for you to worship with us from the comfort of your own home at 8:45 and 11:00. Find us on Facebook:


The building is closed, but the church is alive and well. Let’s get to work! 

  • Re-Dig: Embrace the ancient prayer practices of meditating on scripture. When you pray, don’t just talk to God, but listen as well. Sit quietly and comfortably. This will be hard at first. Start with 5 minutes of silence and work your way up. This is an opportunity to learn new habits and practices. 

  • Plant: Connect with your neighbors; meet needs; donate blood; call someone who can’t leave home; stay tuned to our social media and e-news for ways to serve our community 

  • New Wells: We will be launching a page on our website soon dedicated to a church-wide devotional with scripture, action steps, stories, worship, and more. New water, new wells, new life for all! 


Friends, we will all gather again. We will worship loud and strong. We will encourage, embrace, cry, and laugh as one again. God is with us, for as the apostle Paul says, “in him we live and move and have our being.” 


With love, 

Pastor Dave 

“The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  Psalm 121:8 






After much prayer and discussion with our staff and other church leaders in the area, and in order to protect the health of our community and the most vulnerable in it, we have made the decision to suspend our on-campus worship services for the next two Sundays (March 15 and 22). The services will still be available online for you to worship with us from the comfort of your own home at 8:45 am and 11:00 am. Check us out on Facebook: 


We recognize how much all of us look forward to gathering each week, and we have not made this decision lightly. Please know that this is not a result of fear and anxiety. The building is closed, but the Church is not closed. We are the Church. We are joining with many other churches in seeing this as an opportunity to BE the church wherever we are. Jesus said,  “Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:20) This is a passage about having the authority and power of God in the midst of even the smallest community. Please pray boldly for God to revive and heal our communities, families, relationships, and all of our churches. Even if you are alone, know that you are joined with your sisters and brothers in Christ by the Holy Spirit of God. We all worship and pray together. 


Take this opportunity to invite a friend to watch online. Share our services on Facebook. Use this opportunity to talk to someone about Church, and what is Church. 


Lastly, be creative with this change of location. Take some time in the comfort of your home to write a note of encouragement to someone. Send a message to heal a broken relationship. Dance like no one’s watching during some of the songs. Act out the stories you hear from the Bible. Draw a picture while you listen to the sermon. Pray.


We continue to monitor this situation closely and will communicate all updates as they develop. In the meantime, pray with us and be confident that the God who began this great work in us is sure to bring it to completion. 

With love and care,

Your Pastors

Be Inspired, Stay Informed

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