Churo is located in a very rural part of Kenya. Twenty five years ago there was no secondary school (our equivalent of high-school) within a days travel. Paul and Judy Land decided to build a Christian school for the Pokot people.


School in Africa is not free like here in the USA. It is usually a boarding school because students have to travel such long distances. Tuition and board is expected to be paid by the students family. In 1998, Bill and Carolyn Overway, (members of CMC), were asked to manage the completion of the school. Bill became head master ( a position which is like our school principal), Carolyn was teacher, nurse, and mother to 100 boys. The first graduating class was in 2000. Within a few years the school was one of the highest rated school in Kenya. High-school at that time was only for boys. Carolyn worked tirelessly to remedy that. Due to to her efforts in Churo, A girls Secondary School was established.

Christ Memorial Church’s involvement has stretched over two decades. CMC is a household name in Churo. A bore-hole has been drilled for water and windmill has been put up to pump the water. A Christian nursery school has been built, and numerous young people have been able to continue their education and go to Secondary school. This will take a small explanation for something that we here in the States take as a normal situation. Most people are small farmers, with a few goats and possibly a cow. Tuition is out of the question when there are mouths to feed. The money CMC provides helps with scholarships for students with a desire and proven scholastic achievement. From the many years that the Overway’s were in Africa, they have several people that they trust both in Churo and neighboring villages who can accurately identify deserving students. CMC does indeed change lives!