Our ministry vision here in Cambodia is to walk alongside and strengthen the capacity of the next generation of Cambodia Christian leaders, leaders with a passion to bring hope, healing, and salvation to a hurting country with the love of Christ. We serve in and through our local partners to help them increasingly discover, understand, and live into God’s very good intentions for them and to intentionally lead others to do the same. Put another way, per the CMC mission statement, we work in and through our local partners to help the Cambodian people to an increasingly full life in Jesus and to help others do the same.

Garden of Life – a team of people working together to start-up the Center for Life Enrichment and Training in Professional Counseling the first Christian, Cambodian center to serve the large number of Cambodians struggling with post-traumatic stress syndrome plus other mental and emotional well-being issues.  Our vision is to bring widespread healing among the people of Cambodia and in doing so Cambodians will “flourish” and enjoy their life to its fullest measure, free from pain, fear, bondage, dysfunction, and suffering.

Phnom Penh Bible School - to prepare God’s workers in Cambodia to fulfil the Great Commission, providing the Cambodian Church with leaders of sound Christian character and the ability to: faithfully serve the Christian community; effectively teach the Bible and boldly proclaim the Gospel through words and actions.

TEE Association of Cambodia - To facilitate the establishment and implementation of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programs within various denominations, organizations, and churches, as well as to promote cooperation amongst participating members.  Furthermore, to oversee the development, revision, and distribution of training materials in the Khmer language, and to certify leadership through these programs accordingly. The overarching objective in the implementation of TEE programs is to provide for a quality alternative training program which will equip leadership for viable and effective ministries within local churches throughout Cambodia.  We recognize the validity of various methods of theological training, and also the necessity for bi-vocational leadership, as we try to be sensitive to the lifestyle of most Cambodians.

The Reformed Church in America is a fellowship of congregations called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world. Our shared task is to equip congregations for ministry- a thousand churches in a million ways doing one thing- following Christ in mission, in a lost and broken world so loved by God.