Congregational Meeting Minutes

Treasurer Report

Annual Congregational Meeting

Minutes 6-9-19

5:45 PM


1. Opening prayer- Terry Edewaard

2. Motion and approval of new officers of the consistory- Terry E

3. Motion and approval of the budget- proposing $3,350,000 (see video) – Terry E

4. Q & A time- Terry E

Q: Is it possible to see the individual programs at CMC which are earmarked in the budget, so people could see what they are? Please contact Betty, CMC’s staff accountant for any details about the budget.

Q: Are the salaries for ministers in line with the other RCA churches? Yes.

Q: Are we current with the RCA membership numbers presentation? It is a yearly tally and we try to stay as up-to-date in that report as possible.


Q: Does the current budget presentation include the recent staff cuts? Yes.


Q: May we have photos along with the lists of the consistory on the website? Yes, Jonathan will work on that.


Q: Is the consultant we hired a corporate consultant or church consultant? A church consultant highly recommended by the RCA

Q: Are there any areas of ministry that we won’t be able to carry out because of the recent downsizing of the staff? Money for new key hires has been put into the new budget for hiring this summer.


Q: What is the role of the operations manager? Facilities team, staff needs, technology, finance team, communications…


Q: Does the new budget include the cost of the consultants? Yes.


Q: Who is the HR team? Garth Deur, Becca Dernberger, Josh Rooks, Mari Martin, and David VanOpstall

5. The Leader’s Journey- (the consultants). Terry read Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor’s bios and what they will be doing. He also introduced the 12-member team from CMC who will be trained to work with Jim and Trisha to conduct interviews. Terry also introduced the first 14 people who will be interviewed with Jim and Trisha this weekend.

      a. 12 -Member Team from CMC: Jackie Geerlings; Elissa Lappenga; Katie Prins; Paul Vryhof; Jon Schram; Becca Dernberger; Dot Holleman; Phil Holmes; Brad Laninga; Ray Beerhorst; Sue Hemmeke; Ken Eriks

      b. First 14 people to be interviewed: Rich Herbig; David VanOpstall; Gary Matthews; Brianne Roux; Marylin Bright; Jodi Snyder; Richie Venhuizen; Laurel Grose; Vern Jurgens; Diane Sinclair; Tonya Tolsma; Ana Cabrera; Doug Finn (minus one due to a conflict in schedule).

6. We have removed “interim” from David VanOpstall’s title and have hired him permanently onto the CMC staff.

7. Closing remarks- David VO: There are challenges ahead but be encouraged because God has a plan for Christ Memorial Church; introduction to the 40 days of prayer which is the kick-off for the six months of prayer for Christ Memorial; introduction to the summer sermon series “Flourishing” based on the Book of Philippians, encouragement to everyone to engage in the readings for the summer.

8. Closing prayer- David VO