Sunday, August 1, 2021


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Order of Worship

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2021-08-01 Bulletin WorshipREV1030.jpg

Prayer and Care Concerns
for the week of August 1

HOSPICE:  Ange Heerspink, Jack Klomparens


ONGOING CONCERNS: Jan Boerman, Marcia Washburn



· Jim Essenburg at the recent passing of his brother Randy Essenburg

Long Term Health Concerns:

People Living With Cancer: Jeannette Brownson, Karen Barber-Gibson, Mary-Jo Iverson

Children and youth with extensive health concerns: Tinley Ammeral, Evelyn Baron, Lucy Baron, Jocelyn Bruesch, Paxton Daniels, Harper Porretta, Austin Rua

Due to HIPAA compliance, the hospital needs you to notify the Christ Memorial Care Team or request that the hospital chaplain notify them of your hospitalizations. If you have ADDITIONAL CARE NEEDS (hospitalization, upcoming surgery, prayer, including needs you would like to keep confidential), please contact the care department at 796-3346. 


Care and Connection Elders (C2Elders) are: Caroline Atkinson, Karen Busscher, Cliff Carr, Rick Dernberger, Syl Disselkoen, Vern Jurgens, Barb Kiekintveld, Jen Prince, Nancy Rottschafer, Judy Terpstra, Donna Tuls, and Paul Vryhof.

Financial Update

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