South Africa

encompassKids has grown out of CMC’s South Africa ministry: a long-standing collaborative ministry with the Dutch Reformed family of churches in South Africa.  These and other North American churches and Christian organizations focus on reducing the number of vulnerable children, youth, and families in South Africa which  has one of the highest rates of abuse of women and children than any country in the world. The ministry has two major ministry focuses: 1) SAHAC Courage Youth - a ministry with high school and middle school youth to help them stay free of HIV, addictions, violence, and other destructive behavior through the power of Christ; and, 2) SFCS - a ministry focused on in-country (local) adoption, foster care and family preservation.  They provide the necessary professional social work and strive to teach/model God’s plan for children and families as well as empowering local church congregations to be involved.  Our South African partners, SAHAC and SFCS are both registered non-profit South African tax exempt organizations.  Our major North American partners are CMC, Bethany Christian Services, the RCA Denomination and Partners Worldwide, along with additional individual churches.  Please contact Paul Scholten for more information.